The Krypton series is a fan-fiction series created by Adam Collings. The series takes the form of a virtual television series. The stories are written in script form.


The URL of the series, where stories can be read, is


The series follows the story of the planet Krypton in its last days. The main Protagonist of the series is Jor-El.

Regular CastEdit

  • Professor Jor-el. Owner of the largest research laboratory on Krypton and Minister of the sciences for the House of Ministers. Jor-el is also leader of his family - Clan El. His younger brother Zor-el has a son in his twenties - Mal-el, who runs Jor-el's science fleet.
  • Lara Lor-van. A religious librarian and the daughter of Lor-van, one of the great scientific minds of the current age. Her father is also suspected to be a prophet. He has a deep understanding of religion. Lara is forming a friendship with Jor-el.
  • Diplomacy Minister Far-ez. A longstanding member of the council and the Minister for Diplomacy. His task often involves serving as a mediator for the other races in helping them solve their disputes.
  • Attache Kel-tar. Assistant to Minister Far-ez. He is being trainined to some day replace his mentor as Diplomacy Minister.

Chancellor Tola-fee. Leader of the council. A career politician most of his life. Most concerned with order and preserving the status quo on Krypton. Not willing to accept radical change.

  • Mal-el. Nephew of Jor-el and son of Zor-el. Mal-el is in charge of Jor-el's science fleet. He will one day inherit the leadership of the clan El from his uncle, unless Jor-el marries and produces an heir; which seems unlikely given Jor-el's age.
  • General Zod. A decorated war hero from the Belovian war. His family were all killed. He was born Zod-ar but dropped his family suffix in honour of his dead family, to remind himself that what is lost can never be regained. Zod serves as Defense Minister to the council and believes strongly in the rule of order.

Introduction to the seriesEdit

Over the last three millenia, many races have reached into the stars. the first of these were the Kryptonians. regarded by all in known space as honourable and wise, trusted by most. the Kryptonians have served as guardians of the younger races, helping them to grow. This is their story.


  • Season 1
    • Written in the Ice. A science ship is destroyed by the Milrathi while studying a barren planet. Jor-el is given an artifact which contains an ancient prophecy. This story can be read at
    • Echoes of the Future. Jor-El and Lara attempt to authenticate the prophecy of Ro-ker. Zod confronts the Milrathi about the recent attacks. Far-ez and Kel-tar assist two warring races to reach a compromise. This story will be available before the end of 2009.