Fallen Hero
Directed by
David S. Goyer
Produced by
David S. Goyer
Charles Roven
Emma Thomas
Written by
Dave Nichols
David S. Goyer
Warner Bros.
Legendary Pictures
DC Comics
Original Film
Release Date
July 4th, 2015
Proceded by
Followed by

Superman: Fallen Hero is a film written by Dave Nichols and is the fourth installment of his Superman series. It details the events of Doomsday and his impact on earth and his battle with Superman and how the world deals with it as well as the reboot of Brainiac. It is set in 2012 2 years after the events of Darkseid's invasion of earth.


LexCorp unocver a Kryptonian spaceship buried under the Mexican Gulf whilst on a routine oil drill. When examining the ship, Superman is unable to translate the language on the ship believing that it is before his races' time. LexCorp open the ship and doing so accidently break the restraints holding Doomsday, a unstoppable monster bread to kill all life. Doomsday kills all of the scientists and security guards and breaks out of the underground lab before sensing the Kryptonian blood of Superman and heads towards him killing everybody in sight. He engages Superman in battle with magnitude Superman has never had and fights Doomsday to the death destroying most of Metropolis in the process before both Doomsday and Superman die. Superman is given a funeral and is buried in Metropolis park whilst Doomsday is placed in a ship and his dead body shot into space. With no Superman to protect earth, Brainiac reboots and builds himself a new stronger body as well as an army of Brainiac drones and plans to takes earth's knowledge as well as the fortress crystal with no Superman in the way.






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