A series of films by ElectricMayhem. Superman's suit is red and black instead of red and blue. There was also a few spin-offs.

First 4Edit

Superman EndsEdit

After his origin (which we briefly see in the opening credits), Superman has became outlawed by new president, Lex Luthor. But when a mysterious assassin from space arrives and goes after Superman, the hero returns. But when a fight at the Daily Planet accidently crushes Luthor's legs, Luthor has a bionic suit built for him to wear...

Superman LivesEdit

Luthor seeks revenge on Superman, and meets Brainiac, a Kryptonian super computer who crashed on Earth. Luthor has new thugs he sends after Superman. His one soldier, Rudy Jones, has been infused with Kryptonian power from Brainiac's ship, a cyborg created by Brainiac made from Kryptonite, and a hired gun code-named Deadshot. Superman, to save the world, must defeat Luthor and destroy Brainiac.

Superman DestinyEdit

Superman disappears to a fortrace hidden deep in the North Pole, The Fortress of Solitude, and discovers the last portal to The Pantom Zone left, where he sees several prisoners arrestedby his father. When one prisoner, General Zod, escapes, Superman must stop him. Meanwhile, a genius toy-designer goes insane, and one of the Kryptonian prisoners, who has taken over a former actors body, visits him and recruits him to help Zod. The 3 villains, Zod, Toyman, and Atomic Skull, take on Superman, and the city of Metropolis is in danger again!

Superman AppocalypseEdit

Darkseid, someone who was frozen in time within The Phantom Zone, attacks, and revives the Kryptonian monster Doomsday. Darkseid makes an alternate reality Superman, Bizarro, as one of his assistants, and a female scientist struck by lightning in her lab, Livewire, joins them, as she has no one else to go to. In Superman's darkest hour, the end is near...


Lobo (Movie)Edit

Lobo awakens in outer space, after his battle with Superman. He goes to find his dog, who was stolen by Lobo's old rival, Sunny Jim. Along the way, Lobo meets a waitress in space named Darlene, who helps him find his dog, Dawg.

Bizarro: The MissionEdit

Bizarro's body is found in space by space commander Jraaguff, who trains him and sends him out to defeat there enemies, The Parademons.

Lobo x 2Edit

Lobo, Dawg, and Darlene hit the road again and search for a planet to live on, when a superior race of aliens clone Lobo and send the fake one out to get the real one in trouble with space authorities. Lobo sets out to kill these "jerks", but they have a secret weapon...