12 Days of Clois


12 Days of Clois
Fanfiction Challenge Community
November 11, 2006

The 12 Days of Clois is a LiveJournal based Superman Fan Fiction writing community.

Challenges Edit

12 Days of clois began as a Chrismas themed community in 2006 but has since branched out to include other holidays and themes including Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, Around the World in 12 Days, and Summer Celebrations.


Writers are given a list of prompts and 'claim' one to write a short piece of fanfiction (usually between 500- 6000 words) centered around that prompt. The prompts are released by the mod as a list to choose from with the author's name being added next to the prompt they chose. This means each prompt may only be used once.

Prompts are usually a word or phrase but are sometimes visual or may even be chosen by other memebers, as in the Fic Exchange Challenge[1].

External Links Edit

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